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We wanted to start a spark that would ignite the fire of change, working to break down the othering between cultures and start the conversation of healing together. We aim to start this process by creating a safe place for people to share their stories. By making the story based on their products, it offers a security blanket, making the story not only easier to share but easier to hear as well. The market will offer some vendors, typical of a farmers market, but the main focus will be on traditional/cultural foods and crafts. The point of the market is to get people talking, sharing information and laying the groundwork to reconciliation.  

Recommended Materials & Resources

Location: A place that the story market could be held. You would want to pick a place that everyone would feel welcome.

Vendors: Businesses or organization that want to have a booth at the market. This would be to either educate customers or to sell their products to the customers.

Vendors Database

Questions to build your story

Participants: People who want to come and spend time at the market. This could be people who want to learn about the different cultures, people who want to buy the products, or people who are looking for something fun to do during the summer.

Entertainers: Music, magic  and more, help to attract more participants and make the event more memorable.

Funders: People who would have an interest in the outcome of the market and would be willing to invest their time or money into

Tables for Vendors at the Market depending on the location 

Avenue for advertising: social media, newsletter, radio, billboards, etc


The Process
  • Establish your vision (remember to review it constantly!)
  • Build your team and close local partners
  • Determine a location, day/time and season length
  • Create your anticipated budget
  • Obtain funding (if required)
  • Determine cost per vendor table
  • Create a story template for vendors tables if needed
  • Advertise for vendors
  • Use the database attached to invite partners, vendors, story tellers, entertainment, and other relevant community members to join the market. Take the time to learn about them before cold calling/ emailing.
  • Ensure all partners and vendors understand the vision and link to story telling
  • Send out story template or attached Questions to help develop your story, offering further assistance to anyone who may require it.
  • Advertise for attendees in the local community and beyond
  • Set up
  • Execute
  • Clean up (always leave your space in better condition than you found it)
  • Document process (the story of the story) and results
  • Submit required documentation to funders

Additional Details

Truth and Reconciliation Commission 

Learn about starting the conversation and the path to truth and reconciliation.

Immersion Tool

A tool to help you understand the people you are designing the market for.

Funding and Grants to Help

Funding Portal

Ontario Trillium Fund

Image & Resource Gallery

The Karma Project | FaceBook

Taste the Trail | FaceBook

Sainte-Marie among the Hurons | Website | FaceBook | Twitter

Theme: Production
Initial Sponsor: The Karma Project
Program: Child and Youth Care, Social Service Worker
Semester: Summer 2018
Authors: Kelly Crawford, Erin Chapelle, Michelle Kaufman, Emma Earle
Additional Keywords: Story Market, Reconciliation, Break the Stigma, Start the Conversation

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