Bear in a Basket

Creating change through the power of Empathy.

Under the theme of Empathy, we have conducted research in a variety of child-care centers in the county. This research has given us the inspiration to develop an experiential social story for children that will create an empathetic response to the issue of Food (In)Security. Within the county there are many families and children that face Food (In)Security on a daily basis, especially as there is very little discussion on the topic of Food (In)Security within the educational community. As Early Childhood Educators, we have an opportunity to break future stigma by providing children with an understanding and awareness of Food (In)Security through a lens of empathy.

As a team we have begun exploring the potential of Bear in a Basket as a social enterprise, in order to supply these resource kits to future Georgian Early Childhood Education graduates.

The Process

Step 1. Print Bear in a Basket script.

Step 2. Obtain picnic basket, picnic blanket, and teddy bear.

Step 3. Gather children in a circle for story time.

Step 4. Place picnic basket containing the Teddy Bear, and picnic blanket in the center of your group.

Step 5. Ask children what they think is in the picnic basket. Interact with their responses.

Step 6. Introduce Charlie the teddy bear.

Step 7. Read the story with your group. Allow space for open ended questions throughout the reading.

Step 8. Finish reading book and ask review questions to your group.

Step 9. Get children to draw pictures of the story.

Step 10. Gather pictures and assign correlating pieces of the script to each picture.

Step 11. Bind book together.

Step 12. Ask children if they want to have a picnic and where they would like to have it.

Step 13. Go on picnic with children. While on picnic enjoy a healthy snack.

Step 14. While on your picnic read the illustrated version of Bear in a Basket. Ask children about how it makes them feel.

Step 15. Leave the Bear in a Basket book in a child accessible area. Encourage children to create their own picnics.

Recommended Materials and Resources

Bear in a Basket is designed for the children to create their own illustrations for the book aspect. To run this Activity, you will need to obtain a picnic blanket, a teddy bear, a picnic basket, and the Bear in a Basket script. For the illustration aspect you can provide children with any art materials you have access to.

Download Script as Word Document
Download Script as PDF

Theme: Empathy
Initial Sponsor: Child-Care centers
Program: Early Childhood Education
Semester: Winter 2018
Designed For: Early years age 4+
Supporting: Early Childhood Educators
Additional Keywords: Empathy, Empower, Changemakers, Food (In)Security, Daycare, Preschool, Kindergarten

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